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3 bedroom Penthouse for sale in Estepona with pool garage – € 255,000




Estepona, Málaga

  3 beds

  2 baths

€ 255,000

3 bedroom Penthouse for sale in Estepona with pool garage - € 255,000

Completely renovated apartment with 3 bedrooms. Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, dressing room and access to the terrace. Fully equipped kitchen. Living / dining room with insulated flooring. The apartment has low consumption electrical installation with LED lighting. Air conditioning by domotic control and community pool. The apartment also has an underground parking space big enough for 2 cars and a large storage room equipped with professional shelving (4.5m x 1.8m x 3.2m high). There is the 9 hole golf course of Las Resina within a short walk and the club house with restaurant… See full property details


Massive whale beaches itself in Estepona in the south of Spain




SPANISH animal experts said on Thursday they were preparing to conduct an autopsy on a 12-metre-long whale that died after getting stranded at the La Rada beach in Estepona. 

The fin whale, weighing around 70 tonnes, apparently beached itself after getting injured, a rare phenomenon in the area.

“It is not common to find whales stranded here on the beach but tragically it does happen on some occasions,”  said Jose Luis Mons from the Center for the Recovery of Marine Species (CREMA). “Of course, in most cases the whales are already dead” 

The female whale died several days ago and her ‘bloated body’ is already ‘in an advanced state of decomposition’ said CREMA. 

The discovery will trigger a major operation to recover the carcass, Estepona Council confirmed. 

A post-mortem will then be carried out by marine biologists and other experts who will investigate the cause of death, officials say.

Fin whales, the second-biggest mammal species in the world after the blue whale, are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Several species of whale populate the waters of the Alboran Sea. 


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Bank guarantees

By Nok Promoter Of La Boladilla Village Resort In Estepona Leaves Investors In The Dark And Fearful For Their Money




Author: Mark Stücklin Posted on January 15, 2022 La Boladilla Village Resort marketing material You rarely hear about buyers losing their off-plan payments these days in Spain, but things aren’t looking good for investors who handed over deposits and stage payments to the Costa del Sol promoter By Nok for villas in the La Boladilla Village Resort. An off-plan investor contacted me not long ago in distress about more than 50,000€ he has handed over to Marbella-based promoter By Nok for a project called La Boladilla Village Resort in Estepona (marketing picture above). He paid 25% of the purchase price in 2018, but the project has since ground to a halt, By Nok no longer answers the phone or responds to emails, and its website is down. He is worried he will never see his money again. “I invested in 2018 when they took 25% of the expected cost and then the project stopped,” he told me. “They have been stringing us along for over three years with various excuses and now it appears that all websites and phones are uncontactable. I hear rumours they have been taken over by another company, but investors have not been told anything. The lawyer appointed at the beginning to do the transaction has done nothing. Is there a way of recovering the money, which is in excess of 50,000 Euros?” By Nok’s Boladilla Village Resort still being marketed online I had never heard of By Nok or the Boladilla Village Resort before this, so I went looking online to find out more. I was surprised to find very little information about the developer, and plenty of websites still marketing the Boladilla project as if nothing was wrong. If there are lots of fearful investors out there worried about losing their stage payments, it would seem they are not making much noise online, at least from what I can tell. The By Nok Youtube channel still exists, though nothing has been posted in December 2019. By Nok planning problems and legal trouble in 2020 I did find one article at the Spanish news site El Confidencial about problems at By Nok and La Boladilla in Estepona. The article, from 2020, reports that, with more 800 high-end projects under its belt, and a focus on the luxury foreign investor market, By Nok – the “spoilt child” of the industry – was in planning disputes with Estepona town council, and the Spanish Ministry of Development (Fomento).  Picture credit El Confidencial It seems that even back in 2020 By Nok was facing legal action from investors who had been seduced by the company’s promise of below market purchase prices and high returns. By Nok CEO Ana Belén Garrigós Zambudio told El Confidencial that investors were benefiting from “price-shattering” investments and “important savings” on development because of the firm’s unique business model.  The article suggests that By Nok’s business model might have been smoke and mirrors, with the company marketing developments based on little more than an option to buy land, in which case investors stand to lose everything if their deposit and off-plan payments are not guaranteed. It seems that By Nok used a crafty investment structure to avoid taking on the responsibility of a developer, and leave all the risk and responsibility with investors.  I can’t find any information online about the current status of By Nok or the La Boladilla Village resort. The project is still being marketed online, so maybe it has been taken over by another company. All I know is that By Nok has stopped responding, its website no longer works, and at least one investor has contacted me recently worried about losing his money. I’m aware that I might be late to this story, and others much better informed, but it’s strange there is so little news about this online. It just goes to show that, when looking for property for sale in Spain, always have to be sceptical of companies offering below market prices and high returns. That always means more risk.

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Mystery of how the Cold War spy who met the Kennedys ended up dead in a ravine in Spain’s Costa del Sol




IT started as a Cold War tale of intrigue involving a spy, international headlines and appearances from Robert and Edward Kennedy.

It ended when a shepherd in a remote backwater of Spain discovered a decomposing corpse in a gulley.

The mystery man could only be identified from documents found in a nearby wallet.

Guardia Civil decided the body was that of 48-year-old Vladimir Kazan-Komarek – an American citizen of Czech descent.

Bobby Kennedy 2
Bobby Kennedy greeted Kazan-Komarek on his return to the US

The year was 1972, with Spain still under the thumb of fascist dictator Francisco Franco and the world in the depths of the Cold War. The location was the now bustling – then sleepy – town of Estepona on the Costa del Sol.

Kazan-Komarek had first come to public attention six years previously when he became embroiled in a spy scandal that would not have been out of place in the pages of a John le Carré thriller.

It involved the shadowy world of espionage and high level diplomatic negotiations.

Estepona Komarek Inset
No one knows why Kazan-Komarek (inset) turned up in Estepona

What was known was that on October 31,1966, when Vladimir was returning from a travel agents’ conference in Moscow, the Soviet airliner on which was traveling — supposedly on a nonstop flight to Paris —was diverted to Prague  for ‘mechanical reasons’.

It has never been proven that the flight was deliberately diverted at the behest of Czechoslovakia, but the authorities certainly grabbed their chance to lay their hands on the suspected spy.

He was hauled off the plane and charged with setting up and operating an underground espionage and terrorist network in the communist country between 1948 to 1950.

They also held him responsible for the death of a policeman.

Press reports from the Czechoslovak media had previously identified him as an agent for United States Army Counterintelligence.

Vladimir 2
Kazan-Komarek was reunited with his wife

A prisoner of the Nazis during World War II, Kazan-Komerak had worked for the US army in Germany in 1945 and 1946, before he returned to his home country.

But when the communists took control, he fled Czechoslovakia in 1948 and lived in Paris before moving to the US in 1953.

There he faded into the background, marrying a noted beauty, fathering five children and becoming a US citizen, all while settling into life as a travel agent.

Life seemed to be going well until he made his fateful Moscow trip. In Prague he was charged with high treason and espionage.

During the Kazan-Komarek trial in 1967, the most serious charges that he had been an American intelligence agent were quietly dropped after an intense diplomatic campaign by the US government.

He was instead convicted on lesser charges of subversive activities against the Czechoslovakian state and jailed for eight years.

His rapid release was brought about largely through the intervention of Senator Edward Kennedy, whose brother Robert was present when Kazan-Komarek’s flight touched down on American soil.

Once safely back in the US, Vladimir admitted that the charges against him were partly true. He had helped people escape from Czechoslovakia, believing that he was working for French intelligence.

Subsequent investigations found he was being rather modest with the truth.

It is believed that he was one of the most important agents for the French Secret Service (SDECE). And that he returned to the other side of the Iron Curtain to organise a network to rescue people threatened with death or prison for their resistance against the regime’s dictatorship.

The network was liquidated by communist police and Kazan-Komarek alone managed to make it back to the West after a shoot-out with border guards. Seriously injured, he returned to Paris and spent several months in hospital.

While the case caused a sensation at the time, Vladimir faded into the background. He severed ties with the Harvard Travel Service, of which he had been president.

Then in 1971 he left his wife and five children in Wellesley, Massachusetts and disappeared to Europe.

In November that year he resurfaced in Estepona where he lived alone in a small flat.

Guardia Civil investigators said he led a normal life, passing his time writing a book about flying.

He made friends with expat Americans and was due to fly to the US with a Canadian couple when he disappeared

On June 5, 1972, the United States consulate in Sevilla was informed by Samuel Berman, an American living in Estepona, that Kazan-Komarek had been missing since May 11.

The authorities discounted the report after being informed he had been seen in the first week of June. But a body was discovered on September 7 in a hillside gully on a farm outside Estepona.

A Marbella court decided there were no signs of foul play and confirmed the corpse’s identity as Kazan-Komerak through the documents found nearby, together with a key to his front door.

Strangely, the US authorities in Spain failed to inform his widow of the death. That was left to the Canadian couple he had been set to travel with some months earlier.

US State Department officials said there was no indication that Kazan-Komarek might still have been involved in intelligence work, and insisted he had not been employed by any United States intelligence agency. And there the matter rested.

But the mystery of his life and death has never quite been forgotten. There are still people who wonder if the body truly was his and why he should have given up a successful career and large family to disappear into what was, at the time, a remote backwater of a country living under a dictatorship.

Now, nearly 50 years on, a French documentary team is trying to unravel the mystery of Kazan-Komarek’s death and is looking for anyone who knew him, or had heard any stories about the man of mystery.

Their ultimate ambition is to solve the enigma of Kazan-Komarek – and find answers to the puzzle that briefly thrust the quiet town of Estepona into world headlines.

You can approach the film makers through us at


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