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Missing cat found 114 miles away and owners think he caught the train



Missing cat found 114 miles away and owners think he caught the train
Missing cat found 114 miles away and owners think he caught the train. Credit: Pixabay

A cat that was missing for three months has been found 114 miles away and his owners think he caught the train there.

Eddie and Karen Marshall, who live next to a train line, think their three-year-old tabby cat, called Toby, might have got on a train when he was lost.

“He just bolted straight out the window and we went straight out looking for him but we couldn’t find him anywhere,” Eddie said.


“We did as much as we possibly could to try and find him during that day, he was nowhere to be found.

“The first few days we went round all of the local estates and put flyers out, our friend helped us out and we put them through all the doors of neighbouring streets.

“We received quite a few calls from people saying they think they had seen him, we were going out dusk and dawn to try and find him.

“We started going on Facebook and social media, we also logged him with pet log and he was still missing.

“The Sunday after he went missing we got a call from someone pretending to be from the RSPCA and he told us that Toby had been injured in a road accident.

“But he told us to go to a road that doesn’t exist and was asking for card details for a charge of £30 and told us if we didn’t pay then the cat would be dead within 24 hours.

“It got to the point where we was beginning to lose a bit of hope, but then the phone rang whilst I was driving home from work.

“We got a call from a vet which is down near Silverstone, and is around 114 miles away, to say one of the vets there has got our cat.

“With what happened with the scam, I was wary but we checked all the vet details and it checked out.

“It was exactly one year from when we got him that we got the call, it was almost written in the stars.

“There were tears when the vet put him on the table, he even ignored his food and came straight up to us, it was a miracle to even see him and heart-lifting.”

“We’ve got a theory as to how he went missing, where we live in Crewe we back on to the Chester to Crewe line and it’s also got the works behind us.

“My brother is a bit of a train spotter and works on the railways and he was telling us that the engines get checked in overnight for electric works and they actually go down that way, which is near where Toby was found.

“The vet told us that a lady had been looking after him for a month down there, but couldn’t reveal her name due to regulations.”

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Lewis Hamilton risks jail for imposing vegan diet on his dog



Lewis Hamilton risks jail for imposing vegan diet on his dog
Lewis Hamilton risks jail for imposing vegan diet on his dog. Image – Leis Hamilton Instagram

Lewis Hamilton risks jail time for imposing a vegan diet on his dog, Roscoe.

Lewis Hamilton could face jail time for imposing a vegan diet on his English Bulldog, Roscoe.

The seven-time world champion maintains an unconventional pace of life, not just within the parameters of a Formula 1 driver, that affects all aspects from his clothes to dealing with those closest to him.

One of the people he spends the most time with is his dog, Roscoe.

Already a celebrity (he even has his own pass to enter the paddock) on social networks with over 413,000 followers on instagram, this English bulldog accompanies his owner in his daily chores when he is away from the wheel of the Mercedes.

He goes for a run with him, keeps him company while he trains at home, keeps him company… and also maintains the same diet.

Hamilton is a declared vegan and has even opened a chain of hamburgers where nothing of animal origin is served.

Beyond the (brief) business success of this project, he also asks everyone around him to imitate his way of eating, from his personal trainer and advisor Angela Cullen to Roscoe himself.

The association ‘The Blue Cross‘ has accused Hamilton of violating the Animal Welfare Act, in force in the United Kingdom since 2006, by Roscoe’s vegan diet.

The absence of meat in the dog’s diet contravenes these regulations, since the British Veterinary Association has warned of the legal consequences that it can lead to.

“If your personal belief system means that you do not want to eat any animal protein, that’s fine, but that diet is not designed to meet the welfare standards of your pet,” explains Daniella Dos Santos  President of the Association.

In the event of a formal complaint, Hamilton will have to go to trial where he would face a fine of £20,000 pounds and even a jail term of up to 51 weeks, in addition to having custody of the animal removed for possible abuse.

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Need dog sitters?




Finding a caring dog sitter from a trusted source matters for peace of mind.
Finding a caring dog sitter from a trusted
source matters for peace of mind.

If you are planning a trip later this year you still need to plan early for pet and house-sitters. Perhaps you are already making plans for a staycation get away. Even if you are planning just a short trip, you’ll know that you simply can’t travel with some pets. Young pets in particular may benefit from staying behind so they can follow their routines at home. So, plan ahead.

Take a moment to plan ahead for pet and house-sitters, if you have trips planned later this year. Now is the time to get ready. We will help you as much as we can. Our philosophy is that we are all in this together. These are the steps to take:

  1. Register as a homeowner on
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  3. Create a profile with photos of your pet and the house
  4. Post a house-sit advert stating your plans for your next yar’s holiday, Covid permitting

Do you need a pet-sitter in 2021? Then get started right now.


How does it work?

HouseSitMatch can help you find suitable sitters. Join our network for a small annual fee. You get ID checked for safety and then build your advert saying when you are going on holiday. House-sitters see your advert, they respond and you choose the sitter who’ll care for your pets.

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Here’s what members have said about us –

HouseSitMatch found us a perfect house-sitter…

HouseSitMatch found us a perfect house-sitter while we were away in Canada and we were delighted with the care and attention that HouseSitMatch took in helping us find the right person.

Ros Morris – Dog owner

How do you join?

Please register online

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Dog diseases in autumn




Dog diseases in autumn
WHEN COLDER: Try to keep your dog warm.

The arrival of autumn implies a drop in temperature and implies a series of risks for your dogs, and that cold makes dogs prone to diseases. Here are some of the most common conditions dogs can experience during this time:

  • Osteoarthritis is one of the most common diseases that affects older dogs and when temperatures drop during the fall, dogs begin to feel more pain. It is convenient to try to keep your dog warm by using thick blankets and comfortable cushions.
  • Parasites: It is necessary to continue using external antiparasitics since the weather is still not cold enough to eliminate them.
  • The immune system becomes weaker during the fall due to the sun emitting lower amounts of vitamin D.
  • Kennel cough is one of the most common diseases for dogs during the autumn and winter.
  • Leishmaniasis: The mosquito that transmits it is still active in autumn and repellants should continue to be used.

Rains give rise to the appearance of puddles and mushrooms. Dogs must be prevented from drinking contaminated water or eating toxic mushrooms.

Costablanca Sur:
Centro Veterinario de Diagnóstico por Imagen de Levante
C/Los Arcos 23, Ciudad Quesada Rojales. Tel: +34 609 779 109


Costablanca Norte:
Anicura Marina Baixa Hospital Veterinario 

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