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The Power of Photography in Digital Marketing



The Power of Photography in Digital Marketing

Simultaneously with society’s increased reliance on the internet and the rising popularity of digital platforms, digital marketing has become one of the most important forms of advertising in the US and globally. Digital marketing in the US accounts for approximately two thirds of all advertising spending. In the US in 2020 alone, approximately $356 billion was spent on digital advertising, with this predicted to increase to $460 billion by 2024. $48.12 billion of this 2020 amount was spent on digital advertising via social media platforms and photo sharing platform Instagram accounted for $9.45 billion of this. Furthermore, 51% of consumers who use Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms were influenced to purchase products by digital marketing.

Given the fact that digital marketing already accounts for most of the advertising in the US, and is only set to increase its share of the advertising market, businesses or individuals looking to sell products using online services should take advantage of various digital marketing tools available to them.

Product Photography


The meteoric rise of social media and photo sharing platforms such as Instagram proves a generally understood fact, as people we respond to visual content. The simple reason for this is that it both grabs and holds our attention better than written content. It also provides more information about a product in a shorter period of time, if done well. Therefore, anyone looking to expand their business needs to embrace these visual tools. Product Photography can be used both online and offline to sell your products. Online it is a powerful tool for both e-commerce and digital marketing. Unless you have in-house expertise in photography and marketing, you may want to consider outsourcing your product photography needs to a product photography service provider.

The quality of product photographs is hugely important. Firstly, the images become associated with the brand. A high quality image suggests a high quality brand to the consumer. Given the attention grabbing potential of visual content, ensuring that visual content is of a high quality is doubly as important. Secondly, neither the most well-adorned Tiffany’s engagement band nor the latest innovation from Tesla will look particularly impressive if photographed with a poor lens or in bad lighting. In other words, even the best quality products can look cheap if not photographed well. Product photography should be able to not only reflect the true quality of a product, but enhance it, making it that much more appealing to consumers.

Product photography is an important part of both B2B and B2C business ventures. Therefore, whether you are looking to sell products to retailers or directly to consumers, a reputable partner will be crucial. Well established companies such as Fallon Industries, which has worked with over 100 product companies for over a decade, may be the most reliable choice. Fallon Industries also has extra incentive to ensure the quality of product photographs, as their pay is fully commission based.

Video Production

Another valuable tool in digital marketing is marketing through video content. This can include anything from brand videos to instruction videos, and can be short enough to fit into an Instagram advertisement or longer if used before a Youtube video. Ensuring that the video content is captivating is the only way to prevent potential customers from swiping left or selecting the dreaded ‘skip ad’ button. A trusted digital marketing provider will therefore again by absolutely essential.

Graphic Design

To round off the digital marketing toolkit, businesses should make use of graphic design tools and graphic designers. Graphic design encompasses various marketing or branding tools that can be used online such as logo design or info-graphics.

A digital marketing service provider that offers all of these services as well as others, product photography, videography, graphic design, web design and more, can provide your business with the most well-rounded and effective digital marketing content.

Final Thoughts

Almost every industry and every type of business transaction has at least one online element to it. Where the customer goes, marketing must follow, lest businesses lose their existing customer base and fail to attract new customers. This is why digital marketing techniques such as product photography have risen so dramatically. However, tools such as product photography are only effective if executed well. Businesses should therefore take care to appoint reliable service providers such as Fallon Industries with an established base, and the extra financial bonus of a commission based payment structure.


TOP 10 Websites for Free Essay Help Online Every Student Must Know





TOP 10 Websites for Free Essay Help Online Every Student Must Know

Depending on circumstances, academic writing may go well and easily, give you some hard time, or become a real pain in the neck. Sometimes this pain is so unbearable that some students descend to buying custom-written papers online. This is a quick fix that comes at a quite significant price, puts your academic reputation at risk, and, most importantly, doesn’t resolve the problem with improving your own writing – and the issue will occur over again. What’s the alternative? After all, no one will put together an original paper at no cost or provide absolutely free essay writing help…

Well, the alternative is almost always the same and has much in common with the “swim or sink” situation: learn and practice. Yes, it’s harder and time-consuming, but only in the beginning. If you stay true to your determination, not only will you drastically improve your writing skills but also gain confidence to guide you through virtually any academic storm. Fortunately, there are more than enough resources to help you navigate through any writing challenge absolutely for free!

With this thought in mind, we’ve collected 10 websites and tools students can use to get academic paper and essay help free to deal with the majority of issues college writing and/or editing may throw at you.

’Help Me Write My Essay for Free!’ – Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Basically, any free writing assistance can be attributed to four main classes – how-to guides, samples, tools to edit and proofread previously written texts, and specialized means (like dictionaries, glossaries, vocabularies, etc.). Some resources may combine utilities from various classes, providing comprehensive homework and essay help.

One may also mention tutoring. However, free tutoring is, for starters, not always available on the point of your interest. Then, it’s usually not as flexible as other tools. And finally, it’s much more prone to technical issues.

As a result, this article focuses on more reliable and 100% free resources. So, the next time you think, “I need help writing an essay for free,” you would have a precise idea of what exactly is required and where to look for it.

Instructional Free Essay Writing Help Online

This section is devoted to online resources where you can get free help with essay in the form of how-to guides and step-by-step instructions. Professionally written and designed materials often make you feel like you’re attending a tutoring session by a free essay writing helper.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Chances are extremely high that the majority of students have visited this comprehensive resource at least once. No wonder, as it has loads of neatly categorized information on the writing process for all academic levels. Guidelines and how-to’s cover general writing and particular styles, grammar and text structure, avoiding plagiarism, and, of course, citation styles. The latter is rightfully considered to be Purdue OWL’s forte. The website scrupulously breaks down APA, MLA, Chicago, IEEE, AMA, and ASA styles and offers helpful citation generators for each of them.

All-in-all, this website is a one-stop-shop to get information on virtually any aspect of academic, subject-specific, graduate, business, job-search, and personal writing. On the other hand, because of the writing lab’s size and unconventional classification, it might take you a while to find specific information on writing, say, a research paper. Anyway, Purdue OWL is definitely worth bookmarking and visiting when you’re stuck with some writing issue.

Actually, PaperHelp is a custom paper writing service (one of the oldest ones in the market) that can deliver entirely original academic works disguised as writing models within the pre-set deadline – for money, that is. However, since we focus on free services, you should turn your attention to the PaperHelp blog, especially to its How-to Guides and Topics & Tips sections. There, you would find:

  • Posts with hundreds of topic ideas for essays, research papers, and other academic works;
  • Step-by-step guides on crafting various types of essays as this is unquestionably the most frequently assigned written task in colleges and universities;
  • Helpful and practical writing tips for any occasion and much more.

While is not actually a full-scale writing guides database, their blog posts’ distinctive feature is that they clearly articulate exactly what most of the students literally need when looking for writing assistance right here, right now. Additionally, nice illustrations with a humorous undertone make the reading process less boring and stress out the main points. is a website by Ethan Sawyer, the author of the College Essay Essentials book. The resource focuses on promoting Sawyer’s online paid courses, workshops, and one-on-one consultations. Although he is mostly focused on admissions, application, and supplemental essays, the website’s ’The Free Stuff’ section and blog contain loads of helpful how-to guides, tips, webinars, podcasts, and downloadable materials. They all are written professionally and on-point. We’re sure that if you manage to cut off all the marketing stuff and skip selling traps set along the way, you will take away lots of useful information and actionable insights, some really eye-opening, into college essay writing done right. We only wish the website had a more consistent structure and a sharper built-in search engine to cut browsing time.

Learn by Example from a Pro Essay Helper Free

If someone in your social circle can be an effective free essay helper – lucky you! Many students stress out that their friends and parents in most cases just cannot provide competent assistance with writing or show how it’s done. In that case, the solution is using essay databases. Some of them are paid, but the majority provide essay help online free in the form of example papers students can use as writing models to follow.

The most essential criteria for a good online sample database are the size and quality of the presented papers. Arguably, the best website based on the combination of the above-mentioned features is The website’s free sample directory includes almost 100.000 items of all types and academic levels. You can either browse the database by topics or paper types or use a handy on-site search by keywords. There are several practical uses of this tool apart from just reading papers and getting a better idea of what a decent academic piece should look like, for example:

  • Many samples contain discussion sections that offer lots of topics to elaborate on;
  • Virtually any sample has the ’Works used’ list in the end that you can use to find new sources;
  • Pressed for time? Reverse-outline the relevant sample and then build your own work within this framework.

Additionally, on you can find several dozens of free writing assistance tools, including grammar and readability checkers, topic and citation generators, essay summarizer, and others. Also, their blog has numerous guides to writing various types of essays. Finally, the full-fledged essay writing service is also in place – apparently, as a last resort for struggling students.

Yes, it’s them again. Yes, free services on their website were obviously created to support their main business, but that’s not the reason to avoid them if they’re great. Compared to WowEssays, the PaperHelp’s sample directory is really tiny – just several hundred entries. Overall, the directory features just 11 types of samples popular among students (essays, reviews, research papers, case studies, etc.) but isn’t equipped with any kind of search engine.

Yet, their quality is something you would hardly find in other services. Supposedly, this is because these papers were written by professional writers and field experts who otherwise do such work for money. That’s the reason behind why one might call this small database created according to the ’less is more’ principle.

Use Free Online Writing Help As-You-Go

Once you’ve read how to craft this or that paper and even found the model sample to follow, you still need to put it all together and churn out the completed piece. Here are several tools you will inevitably need along this thorny way.


When you write a lot, you might notice that you keep using the same words and phrases over and over again. Of course, repetition is a great and quite frequently used literary device. However, it’s best to use it in poetry, not in academic writing. is basically a synonymizer, and it’s a quick and efficient way to grow your vocabulary and enrich your writing. You just enter the word, and the website returns dozens of words with the same meaning; various tabs include synonyms with regards to parts of speech or context. Thesaurus also displays the initial word’s antonyms, examples of its uses in a sentence, and related words. Overall, an awesome, amazing, fascinating, marvelous, incredible, wonderful, and marvelous tool! (You see how easy using this tool is 🙂 )

The Free Dictionary is a massive portal where you just type in the word, hit ’enter,’ and the website returns the aggregated search results from various authoritative sources. They encompass thesaurus, several dictionaries (general, medical, legal, financial, acronyms), encyclopedias, and idioms. The latter is, probably, the most useful feature for creative academic writing and just fun. Using idioms and aphorisms is a sure-fire way to liven and light up your writing. Due to a broad database and convenient content presentation, you would hardly find a better place to look for a relevant turn of phrase on the Internet.

If you’re an English as a Second Language (ESL) student, the Using English platform should definitely be bookmarked in your browser. This website is a great destination for learners who first of all want to improve their overall command of English, which will then positively affect their writing skills. Visitors can freely browse various glossaries, phrasal and irregular verbs, use grammar tools and text analysis, download e-books, and – fun! fun! fun! – take English quizzes, tests, and training online.

Websites That Help with Essays for Free and Add a Finishing Touch

Okay, you did it – you wrote your paper (with or without essay writing help)! But wait, that’s not all. If you don’t want to risk some points being deducted and chat with a teacher about how a drop of poison infects the whole tun of wine, you should meticulously proofread and edit the piece to rid it of mistakes. However, editing your own writing is not as easy as it may seem – that’s why even established authors hand out their works to professional editors. As this option is unavailable to the majority of students, they will need to look for such essay help for free. Fortunately, the Internet offers several great options to polish your paper at absolutely no charge (at least, when it comes to basic features).


Nowadays, Grammarly is almost a synonym to editing text by yourself – so popular and helpful this app is. Available online, via a browser add-on, an MS Word plug-in, and as a desktop app, the free Grammarly version requires registration. After that, you will be able to get writing suggestions on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Although pretty basic, these features are totally enough to eliminate all glaring mistakes and typos. If you want to get extended suggestions on correctness and fluency, clarity and conciseness, engagement and vocabulary, and delivery and tone, as well as plagiarism detection, you will need to pay for a Premium subscription plan.

Hemingway App

While Grammarly is focused on errors, the Hemingway app is mostly about readability and style. Meant to make your writing clear and bold, this app is an absolute must-use for academic writing. In color-codes highlights, Hemingway just points out hard and very hard-to-read sentences; phrases that have simpler alternatives; the use of passive voice; and adverbs. All this functionality is wrapped into a simple, no-registration-required we b interface. However, unlike Grammarly, this app doesn’t suggest fixes – it only points out the places where your attention is needed. But you will have to find the solution (if you decide that it’s required) by yourself.

There’s also a paid desktop Hemingway app version. Geared mostly for quick text publishing online and collaboration, it can also be used without the Internet.

Another proofreading tool worth knowing about is SlickWrite. First off, it is really free: no limited features, no trials, no premium version – just a completely free web-based interface or Chrome and Firefox extensions. The browser version has the 30.000-word submission limit, which should be absolutely enough for virtually any college written work.

How does SlickWrite help you improve your text? The grammar checker underlines wordy phrases, passive voice, adverbs but doesn’t offer alternatives or solutions. Structure and Flow tools provide insights into senrtences’ length and types and their distribution within the text, but all the conclusions you will need to make on your own. The Vocabulary tool is meant to help you avoid monotonous content, but if it’s there, you’d need to figure out how to fix it yourself. Finally, the most fun feature in SlickWrite might be the Associator that should allegedly help you create new metaphors via word associations. Yet, the enthusiasm dies down soon enough as, in most cases, associations and metaphors are weak.

Use these free tools and services whenever you get a chance to ease your writing task. But always remember that the key to better writing lies in more writing and more reading!

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How ClickUp and Its Competitors Seek To Disrupt Project Management




How ClickUp and Its Competitors Seek To Disrupt Project Management

The current space of technology and software development has been undergoing immense change since the start of the pandemic. Research has revealed that using Artificial Intelligence (AI) during the recruitment process will experience a 20% increase in employee performance. Even more, the same article states that AI can help increase company revenue by as much as 4%, a small factor considering the massive impact AI and technology currently has in the world.

While most companies and smaller businesses are now making the switch to online and cloud-based technology, the demand for cloud-based project management software such as ClickUp, WorkflowMax, Capterra, and Asana to name a few, are helping remote teams organize, structure, plan and prioritize work on one simple platform. But with so many new project management software coming to the table, how are companies choosing a platform that will meet the needs of their teams?

In reviewing dozens, a recent ClickUp review from experts at The Digital Project Manager revealed just how complex, yet simple these platforms can be. Founded in 2016, ClickUp is now disrupting the industry with cloud-based project management software that is changing how remote teams are working, and here is how they’re doing it.


Best Project Management Software:

How ClickUp works

With more than 200,000 teams across the world making use of ClickUp, the platform has become a digital hub of transformation for many people looking to do business in one centralized place. The platform, which uses cloud-based software, puts apps such as tasks, documents, chat, and project management in one secure digital space.

There is a combination of features that has made it so popular – the most notable is that teams can easily track, and analyze projects as they progress with various third-party apps and tools. The main attraction for ClickUp is that members can easily customize just about anything – from spreadsheets, web pages, task lists to project leads.

Who uses ClickUp?

ClickUp can be used in a variety of settings and industries – the most prevalent being:

  • Human Resources
  • Financial Administration
  • Digital Marketing & Design
  • Product Development
  • Telehealth and Healthcare

Thousands of remote teams are using ClickUp as a way to strategically implement organizational methods that will ensure more productive and streamlined management systems. The use and versatility of ClickUp have become popular for a variety of businesses in various sectors.

Alternatives to ClickUp

There are now endless choices and alternatives when it comes to cloud-based project management systems and software. Here’s a look at some of the leading alternatives to ClickUp.


This platform is task-based, focusing on giving teams more flexibility in how they manage and distribute projects.


For teams regularly using Gantt charts, GanttPRO comes with ready-to-use Gantt templates that make it easier for employees to collaborate on various projects.


More focused on business management, within a firm or corporation, Advantage makes it easy for various departments to track, report, and analyze various business management structures in one place.


Rated as one of the most popular choices for creative teams, this cloud-based project management platform can integrate a variety of apps and is suitable for both teams and individuals.


Notion is best used for planning and assigning new work to members working on various projects, all on one digital space. What makes Notion so popular is that it stores all your information and data in one space in case you lose it or need to review it again later.

These are a few of the various alternatives to ClickUp, overall each of these has some incredible features and tools. There are of course some honorable mentions, including, Redmine, Flock, Freedcamp, FunctionFox, and nTask among others. Depending on your budget, and physical needs – there surely is an endless supply of reliable cloud-based project management systems available on the market.

The final verdict

Because the use of Artificial Intelligence has become an incorporated aspect of our everyday lives – these systems are now making it easier and more convenient for remote teams to easily complete and manage projects. Finally, depending on your physical needs, ClickUp provides cloud-based solutions to various digital issues for companies and firms, which has now made them one of the most notable digital platforms in the world.

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Fantastic Fun in Finland at Christmas




Fantastic Fun in Finland at Christmas

Hopefully, people still remember what it is like to go to their favourite holiday destination to relax, broaden their horizons, or to simply get away. And for those looking for a winter escape that does not necessarily involve a ski slope, then Finland is an ideal destination.

The Scandinavian country that sits to the right of the trio is built for winter activity due to the climate and amount of snowfall the country enjoys. Snowflakes can be seen as early as August with the average height of ground snow reaching 90cm towards the north of the country. And with this snow and ice comes ample opportunity to explore and take advantage of Finland’s natural winter wonderland.

You might only have seen igloos on television or in pictures but in Finland, you can actually stay inside one. Igloos are offered out to visitors as hotels and before you think they will be too cold, consider the thick duvet that wraps around you and protects you from the chill. You can stare at the night sky or browse the internet from the comfort of your bed. Going on holiday doesn’t mean you have to leave every aspect of the everyday behind. If you’re a fan of online casino, these icy surroundings could provide the perfect arena to take a bit of time out and hit the Blackjack, Roulette or Poker tables. At for Finland, there is a plethora of options and bonuses for you to enjoy wherever you are. Playing never became so easy and all that in the beautiful igloo setting. The relaxed nature of a holiday in Finland means you can live life at your own pace and find time for all the things that keep you entertained.


Igloos certainly add another dimension to choices of accommodation when on holiday. Staying in an artfully crafted ice block is further bolstered by the prospect of a Finnish sauna. Now, before you think this is relaxing with sounds of waterfalls and birds softly chirping as you’re probably used to, you are partially right, but the Finnish approach is somewhat different to the traditional spa treatments. The conventional aspect is retained though, with hot tubs of water ushering your worries away. But the next part might be a shock to the system. Cold plunges, even in the Arctic, might sound frightful at first, but coupled with the hot soak in the sauna beforehand, you have the perfect combination to achieve ultimate relaxation for your body.

And if you are looking for the traditional, then a visit to Lapland to see Father Christmas is an absolute must. Whether you are travelling with your family, loved one or even solo, a trip to visit Santa Claus in his own home is certainly something for the memory bank.

The above-mentioned activities are certainly recommended, along with immersing yourself in local cuisine and practices but overall, there is something for everyone in Finland. Those more active can push themselves with cross country skiing or you can just find a log fire to fall asleep in front of.

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