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Alicante Province

EXPLAINER: Why high COVID-19 infections don’t reflect the full pandemic situation in the Costa Blanca area of Spain



OVER 22,000 coronavirus cases were reported this Friday in the Valencian Community but hospital admissions are over 50% lower than 12 months ago.

The regional Health Ministry today announced 22,081 new COVID-19 infections, verified by PCR and antigen tests.

On January 14, 2021 there were 6,240 infections.

There are early indications that the current infection rate may have peaked or is close to peaking as cases caused by social gatherings over the festive Christmas and New Year season work their way out of the system.


Despite a big obsession with top-line line infection numbers, making year-on-year statistical comparisons reveal the true underlying situation in the Valencian Community.

A combination of vaccinations and less severe illnesses caused by the Omicron variant appear to be the main factors to contrast with last year’s position.

Ten deaths were reported this Friday compared to 57 a year ago.

Hospitalisations are over 50% lower than on the same date last year, despite COVID infections being almost four times higher.

Today’s hospital admission total is 1,464, compared to 2,993.

Intensive care cases stand at 189 patients in contrast to 440 on January, 14, 2021.


A year ago the Valencian government was getting ready to introduce weekend border closures in major population areas.

There were night curfews while hospitality was about to close for six weeks having been forced into daytime hours only on January 7.

The region’s measures were some of the toughest in Spain as it grappled with some of the biggest infection and hospitalisation rates in the country.

This time round, armed with statistics that show a very different picture, Ximo Puig’s administration has kept things largely as normal, albeit with the use of the COVID passport.


Alicante Province

New COVID-19 record but hospital admissions are much lower than 2021 numbers in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain




A new pandemic record daily total of 39,585 cases was reported this Tuesday in the Valencian Community.

Exactly a year ago, the total was 8,423.

The high case numbers are coming mainly via the Omicron variant with many more infections also being logged than 12 months ago when easily accessible testing was unavailable.

In contrast, hospital admissions this Tuesday stand at 1,861 compared to 4,777 on the same date in 2021.

A similar two-thirds drop has come in ICU admissions with 199 cases today as opposed to 601 a year ago.

Wastewater analysis in Alicante and Valencia over recent days suggest a fall in COVID case numbers in early February.

42 deaths were declared today, which is the single-biggest daily death toll since February 25.

The split was between 30 men aged 55 to 95, and 12 women aged 66 to 94.

It’s not known how many of the people who died were unvaccinated.

A year ago, 96 fatalities attributed to COVID-19 were reported.

The Valencian government will this week ask the regional Superior Court for permission to continue using COVID passports for indoor access to hospitality and entertainment venues beyond the current January 31 expiry date.


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Man fatally slashes uncle’s throat during argument at Alicante area house in Spain




A 32-year-old man slashed his uncle’s throat with a knife after a series of arguments at their Albatera home in Alicante Province.

The victim, 39, died on Monday morning at an apartment on Calle Rambla shared between a number of Moroccan nationals.

Nephew Slashes Uncles Throat With A Knife During Argument At Alicante Area House In Spain

Witnesses said the two men had a long-standing series of disagreements which boiled over to a fateful conclusion.

Neighbours called emergency services after hearing the row.

Albatera Policia Local and Guardia Civil officers went to the property at around noon and discovered the dead body.

The assailant was arrested with some reports suggesting that he had mental ill health issues and was taken to a psychiatric unit for an evaluation.

The Guardia Civil in Almoradi is leading an investigation into the killing and no further details have been provided about the incident.


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Mass vaccination centres reopening for COVID-19 booster shots in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain




SIX mass vaccination points will reopen in the Valencian Community on Monday(January 31) to accelerate the COVID-19 vaccine booster programme.

The so-called ‘vacunodromos’ were used last year when vaccines were first rolled out.

Valencian president, Ximo Puig, said: “The reopenings allow us to face a new stage of vaccine acceleration and allows citizens greater ease in getting a dose quickly and efficiently in addition easing pressure on busy health centres.”

The Valencian Health Ministry is currently sending out appointment details to mainly the 40 to 49 age group, with some notifications being sent to people in their 30s.

In a statement, the Ministry said that booster take-up rates for residents aged 50 and over were above the national average.

The programme has also targeted people who got two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine last year and the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Valencia’s Principe Felipe Museum in the City of Arts and Sciences will once again be used as a vaccination centre from Monday.

Two other Valencia Province points will open at the Rois de Corella sports centre in Gandia, and at Paterna’s auditorium.

In Alicante Province, the emergency field hospital erected next to the city’s General Hospital will be utilised along with the El Toscar sports centre in Elche.

Castellon’s centre will be in the field hospital adjacent to the city’s General Hospital.


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