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Fairground Worker Violently Assaults 'merry-Go-Round' Horse Dealer In Spain's Murcia – Olive Press News Spain




A Murcia dealer was clubbed by an iron bar during a disagreement over the price of seven ‘merry-go-round’ horses.

The salesman, 31, agreed to meet a fairground attraction owner at a Cehegin warehouse on Thursday afternoon.

An argument ensued over the price of the horses and the prospective purchaser turned violent.

He grabbed a long iron bar and repeatedly hit the dealer’s legs.

Once he was down on the floor he whacked him on the neck.

Some reports suggest an attempt was made to steal the horses.

The injured seller was able to call the Policia Local as the aggressor escaped.

The wounded man was treated for injuries at the Comarcal del Noroeste Hospital in Caravaca de la Cruz.

The victim told police that he knows that his attacker works at a Valencian Community fairground.

The Guardia Civil are now trying to track him down.



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