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Former King Juan Carlos And Sofia Will Attend Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral In London – Olive Press News Spain




FORMER King Juan Carlos and wife Sofia will travel to London with King Felipe and Letizia to attend Queen Elizabeth’s II funeral on Monday, September 19.

The Kings of Spain have accepted the invitation and the Palace has confirmed Juan Carlos and Sofia will attend.

The Royal family received the invitation for the funeral on Sunday from the Foreign office.

El Rey Emerito Juan Carlos I Llega Al Puerto De Sanxenxo Donde Es Recibido Por Una Gran Cantidad De Gente
Former King Juan Carlos and Sofia will attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in London. Image Cordon Press.

Juan Carlos’s attendance is controvertial in Spain as he is still under a cloud for corruption scandals that surround him.

It should be remembered that Juan Carlos has been in exile in the United Arab Emirates since 2020.

Despite this, the PSOE’S Minister of education, Pilar Alegria, claimed in an interview with the Spanish broadcaster RNE that the Spanish government respects the decision of King Juan Carlos.

The funeral will be the first public act since he left Spain in 2020. The father and son have not seen each other since May 23 of this year.



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IN PICS: Spain’s Queen Letizia And King Felipe Paying Tribute To Elizabeth II In London  – Olive Press News Spain



in-pics:-spain’s-queen-letizia-and-king-felipe-paying-tribute-to-elizabeth-ii-in-london -–-olive-press-news-spain

THE Spanish royal family landed in London last Sunday, 19 to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London.

On the afternoon of Sunday 19, both of them decided to go to Westminster Palace to pay tribute to Elizabeth II.

Spain’s Queen Letizia and King Felipe paid tribute to Elizabeth II in London. Image Casa Real

Spanish Minister of foreign affairs, Jose Manuel Albares accompanied Queen Letizia and King Felipe.

The visit took less than a minute and instead of joining the long queue, they went to an area reserved for Prime Ministers and dignatories.

Witnesses noted that the couple was very serious and sad – King Felipe crossed himself.

Foto 1
The Spanish royal family landed in London last Sunday, 19 to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London. Image Familia Real.

Before arriving at Westminster Palace, Queen Letizia and King Felipe visited the Spanish consulate where they are going to be hosted during their visit to London.


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Spain’s Former King Juan Carlos Has Once Again Found Himself In The Spanish Headlines, This Time Thanks To The Arrangements For Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral.  – Olive Press News Spain



spain’s-former-king-juan-carlos-has-once-again-found-himself-in-the-spanish-headlines,-this-time-thanks-to-the-arrangements-for-queen-elizabeth-ii’s-funeral. -–-olive-press-news-spain

On Monday, a radio host broke the news that the monarch had been invited to the event, something that sent shockwaves through both the media and the royal household. 

Juan Carlos’s son, King Felipe VI, has been trying to distance the royal family from the emeritus king, after a series of very public scandals. Their presence together at the funeral on Monday will not only set back those efforts, but has also caused a media storm in Spain. 

The former king was widely respected in Spain thanks to his role in the country’s transition from dictatorship to democracy, but he fell from grace in the early 2010s due to a scandal involving an expensive hunting trip at a time of austerity in the country, and the news that he was accompanied by a lover. 

El Rey Emerito Juan Carlos I Llega Al Puerto De Sanxenxo Donde Es Recibido Por Una Gran Cantidad De Gente
King Juan Carlos would attend to Elizabeth’s funeral in London. Image Cordon Press.

He abdicated in 2014 and later retired from public life. However, in 2020 pressure grew on him once more over a series of probes into his business dealings. He was investigated in the Spanish courts, while a Swiss prosecutor also opened a case involving figures with links to the self-styled emeritus king, albeit not directly investigating Juan Carlos. 

He was suspected of tax fraud and also was thought to have received a massive kickback in relation to a Spanish consortium’s project to build a high-speed rail link to Mecca. In the end the probes in Spain and Switzerland were shelved, for reasons ranging from a lack of evidence to the immunity he enjoyed as Spain’s head of state. 

In August 2020 the former monarch went into self-imposed exile in Abu Dhabi, where he has been living ever since. He has only returned to Spain once, earlier this year to attend a sailing competition in Galicia. Rather than being a low-key affair, the visit turned into a media circus. He refused to give any explanations over his business dealings and the allegations against him. 

His son, King Felipe VI has long been trying to distance the royal family from Juan Carlos, given the reputational damage he has caused to an institution that is disdained by many in Spain already – particularly in regions that have historically sought independence, such as the Basque Country and Catalonia. 

The Spanish government is also reported to have been pressuring the royal household behind the scenes to stop Juan Carlos from attending the event. 

According to reports in Spanish media outlets, Juan Carlos will be travelling on a commercial flight directly to London for the funeral, and will only be staying for 24 hours. 

It is not known whether he will be pictured with his son, King Felipe, at the event. The pair have not been seen in public together since early 2020, and the image is something that the royal household is no doubt trying to avoid. 

What is certain, according to Spanish daily El País, is that Juan Carlos will not be seated at the funeral next to his estranged wife, Queen Sofía. 

Juan Carlos is thought to have allowed the news to be leaked in order to force his son’s hand, as well as having informed the House of Windsor that he would be attending before he even told the Spanish royal household. 

Both Juan Carlos and Sofía are distant cousins of Queen Elizabeth II, given that all three are descendants of Queen Victoria. 


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