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Gibraltar Chief Minister And Governor Attend Queen Elizabeth II Funeral In London – Olive Press News Spain




THE Chief Minister and Governor of Gibraltar attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London on Monday after signing the book of condolences at Lancaster House during the weekend.

Gibraltar was in official mourning during the last ten days leading to the funeral ceremony, with the whole British territory observing a one minute on Sunday at 9pm.

On Monday, the residents of the Rock got a public holiday to be able to watch the former queen’s funeral.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo had earlier given the deceased monarch his own personal tribute during an emotive speech at the Service of Remembrance at the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral.

The Governor also gave his own speech at the religious meeting.

Picardo called Queen Elizabeth Gibraltar’s own ‘strength and stay’ during adversity, especially during the closed frontier years and the referendum choice to remain British.

“For that reason, none would dispute former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s proposed epitaph of Elizabeth The Great for Her Late Majesty,” the Chief Minister said.

“But we may all agree that the move by Lords and MPs in London to record Her Majesty for posterity as Elizabeth the Faithful may be the best epitaph of all.

“For beyond Her deep religious faith, Her faith to Her family, to Her nations and to Her people was the truest mark of Her greatness.

“Her faith to our values, our Constitutions and our Armed Forces marked our great respect for our late Queen.”

World Leaders Book Of Condolence For Hm The Queen
The Governor for Gibraltar signed the Book of Condolence in memory of Queen Elizabeth II at Lancaster House

For his part, the governor Sir David Steel said she was ‘dignified but relaxed, serious as the occasion demanded, but never taking herself too seriously, regal but never out of touch, completely understanding of those she reigned over and always accessible’.

During the period of mourning, the government only put out urgent press releases.


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Gibraltar Oil Spill Cleanup Continues Amid Fears Of Pollution Harming Fish And Beaches Along The Coast – Olive Press News Spain




AUTHORITIES have advised the public to stop fishing and not to eat anything caught in Gibraltar seas as the cleanup of the latest oil spill around the sunken ship continues.

The Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) has sent divers to examine the source of the latest oil leaks that have blackened its coasts and tried to stop its flow, the government said in a statement.

Port launches laid down a ‘special collagen material’ inside the boom around the OS 35 that managed to block the escape of oil from inside the boom, the government reported.

It comes as the government reported that oil was now leaving the ship at a slower rate than before.

These effects are being felt on the beaches, with people complaining of burning eyes when they waded into the sea.

This thick black oil was caught in the boom but much more escaped during the storm

With the Seven Sisters beach one of the hardest hit, the Department of the Environment is organising a much larger cleanup of the area on Friday.

It is in close contact with NGOs like The Nautilus Project to tackle the large amounts of oil on that isolated beach.

In order to help out in the effort, the department set up scaffolding to allow workers and equipment safe access to the Seven Sisters.

The remote beach lies beneath a sheer harbour wall between the port and Rosia Bay.

GPA Captain John Ghio stopped the refuelling of ships while he focuses all resources on the extended oil spill.

The Department of the Environment is now collecting fish and seawater for testing, the government said.


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Cleaners Tackle Gibraltar Beaches Hit By Wind-Driven New Oil Spill From Beached Ship – Olive Press News Spain




CLEANING teams are still removing oil from Gibraltar beaches released after the sinking of the OS 35 bulk carrier off Catalan Bay.

The strong easterly Levante winds last weekend helped spread the oil – which the Captain of the Port said salvage teams were unable to remove – with Seven Sisters beach just south of Gibraltar’s harbour most heavily affected.

Oil Spill Response Limited experts are coordinated the oil cleaning operation along with the Department of the Environment and the Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA).

GPA boats replaced the booms around the OS 35 after the swell died down.

Spanish tugs from Algeciras have helped out in reducing the free-floating oil.

They situated themselves on the northern end of Eastern Beach to stop the oil moving into Spanish waters and staining its beaches.

The GPA suspended fuelling of ships to concentrate on the effort.

They found it harder to skim the heavier oil at Seven Sisters, instead using backwash methods to disperse it.

It comes after this publication received reports from beach users that said the both Catalan Bay and Eastern Beach were stinking with oil.

Cleanup teams have worked their way through both beaches, picking up tarballs manually at the fishing village of Catalan Bay.

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Cleaners work their way through Rosia Bay collecting soiled stones and placing a boom

They have also been active at both Camp Bay and Rosia Bay, with the latter completely closed off to the public.

Luckily the government reported that ‘there has been very limited impact to Sandy Bay and to Little Bay’.

The Captain of the Port John Ghio had last week advised that there was still some oil on the ship that could not be pumped out so this latest spill was unavoidable.


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Top Global Scientists Descend On Gibraltar To Study Bird Migration Between Africa And Europe – Olive Press News Spain




SCIENTISTS from across the world plan to study bird migration between Europe and Africa via Gibraltar at an annual conference held on the Rock.

The Calpe Conference 2022 from September 22-24 hones in on a book written fifty years ago by Oxford scientist Reginald Moreau called ‘The Palaearctic-African Bird Migration Systems’.

Now in its 26th edition, it will look at how ‘developments in the fields of genetics, biochemistry and tracking techniques’ have affected the study of the migrating birds in the area, the Gibraltar government’s department of the environment said in a statement.

The topic heads an exciting programme for the University of Gibraltar event.

It followed the launch of a European-African Migration Observation Network on the Rock.

Spearheaded by Minister of the Environment John Cortes, a keen birdwatcher himself, the network brings together the top local and international experts on the subject and coincides with the 50th anniversary of Moreau’s book.

“The importance of Gibraltar’s location in the bird migration system is unquestioned, and the contribution to knowledge that has been accumulated here through the decades is hugely significant,” Cortes said in the statement.

“Research continues from the Rock, and it is very fitting that with this year’s Calpe Conference, Gibraltar should celebrate the anniversary of a book that contributed so much to understanding the phenomenon of migration.

Cortes noted his interest in the subject as he contributed to background to the book.

“Gibraltar-based ornithologists will no doubt benefit from, and appreciate, listening to world-renowned experts on the subject talking and discussing right where the migration happens,” the minister added.


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