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Gibraltar Lifts All Final Restrictions On Water Usage For First Time Since Tunnel Fire Paralysed Desalination Plants – Olive Press News Spain




THE Gibraltar Government Wednesday lifted all potable water restrictions on high consumers six weeks after it first imposed them.

It is the first time since July 28 when there are no caps on water usage on the Rock after the Powers Drive Tunnel fire that knocked out Reverse Osmosis water plants at Governor’s Cottage.

The announcement was made at the Strategic Coordinating Group’s meeting on the advice of AquaGib.

Concerns over the saltwater intakes after the oil spill have also been allayed.

Divers are now daily checking the spot at Little Bay from where the water is pumped to desalination plants.

They have so far not found any oil being pumped into the system.

As a result of the decision, residents will no longer need to use non-potable water bowsers for watering plants and cleaning.

These will no longer be imported from Spain and residents will now be able to return to using their taps instead.

The Government thanked all residents who cooperated in the effort during the hot summer months.

“I would like to wholeheartedly thank every single employee of AquaGib as well as all other agencies and authorities who, over the past six weeks, have given their all in ensuring we reverse the damage caused by the initial fire at Power’s Drive Tunnel and return us to a position today where we are able to remove all remaining restrictions on water usage,” Minister for Public Utilities Albert Isola said.



Cleaners Tackle Gibraltar Beaches Hit By Wind-Driven New Oil Spill From Beached Ship – Olive Press News Spain




CLEANING teams are still removing oil from Gibraltar beaches released after the sinking of the OS 35 bulk carrier off Catalan Bay.

The strong easterly Levante winds last weekend helped spread the oil – which the Captain of the Port said salvage teams were unable to remove – with Seven Sisters beach just south of Gibraltar’s harbour most heavily affected.

Oil Spill Response Limited experts are coordinated the oil cleaning operation along with the Department of the Environment and the Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA).

GPA boats replaced the booms around the OS 35 after the swell died down.

Spanish tugs from Algeciras have helped out in reducing the free-floating oil.

They situated themselves on the northern end of Eastern Beach to stop the oil moving into Spanish waters and staining its beaches.

The GPA suspended fuelling of ships to concentrate on the effort.

They found it harder to skim the heavier oil at Seven Sisters, instead using backwash methods to disperse it.

It comes after this publication received reports from beach users that said the both Catalan Bay and Eastern Beach were stinking with oil.

Cleanup teams have worked their way through both beaches, picking up tarballs manually at the fishing village of Catalan Bay.

686.2 2022 1 1
Cleaners work their way through Rosia Bay collecting soiled stones and placing a boom

They have also been active at both Camp Bay and Rosia Bay, with the latter completely closed off to the public.

Luckily the government reported that ‘there has been very limited impact to Sandy Bay and to Little Bay’.

The Captain of the Port John Ghio had last week advised that there was still some oil on the ship that could not be pumped out so this latest spill was unavoidable.


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Top Global Scientists Descend On Gibraltar To Study Bird Migration Between Africa And Europe – Olive Press News Spain




SCIENTISTS from across the world plan to study bird migration between Europe and Africa via Gibraltar at an annual conference held on the Rock.

The Calpe Conference 2022 from September 22-24 hones in on a book written fifty years ago by Oxford scientist Reginald Moreau called ‘The Palaearctic-African Bird Migration Systems’.

Now in its 26th edition, it will look at how ‘developments in the fields of genetics, biochemistry and tracking techniques’ have affected the study of the migrating birds in the area, the Gibraltar government’s department of the environment said in a statement.

The topic heads an exciting programme for the University of Gibraltar event.

It followed the launch of a European-African Migration Observation Network on the Rock.

Spearheaded by Minister of the Environment John Cortes, a keen birdwatcher himself, the network brings together the top local and international experts on the subject and coincides with the 50th anniversary of Moreau’s book.

“The importance of Gibraltar’s location in the bird migration system is unquestioned, and the contribution to knowledge that has been accumulated here through the decades is hugely significant,” Cortes said in the statement.

“Research continues from the Rock, and it is very fitting that with this year’s Calpe Conference, Gibraltar should celebrate the anniversary of a book that contributed so much to understanding the phenomenon of migration.

Cortes noted his interest in the subject as he contributed to background to the book.

“Gibraltar-based ornithologists will no doubt benefit from, and appreciate, listening to world-renowned experts on the subject talking and discussing right where the migration happens,” the minister added.


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art exhibition

London Art Exhibition Aims To Start Gibraltar's 'cultural Renaissance' In The UK Capital, Says Minister – Olive Press News Spain




NINE artists from Gibraltar showed off their work at a London exhibition on their individual relationship with their hometown.

The art exhibition ‘Gibraltar, Our Sacred Earth, Our Sense of Place’, is on at the Bermondsey Project Space until September 26. during the month.

As part of the exhibition, Gibraltar’s cultural ambassador of 2021, Gabriel Moreno, agreed to host an evening of music, poetry and discussion on August 21.

It will feature performances by Satellite State, folk artist Pearl Fish and pianist Stephane Dominicy, who also has video installation at the exhibition.

The Gibraltarian artists each captured a snapshot of the Rock’s ‘patios, traditional patios, forgotten corners, nostalgic moments and more’, the Gibraltar Government said in a statement.

They used oils, acrylics, photographs, mixed media work and video in the London exhibition.

683.1 2022
The nine artists pose with exhibition organisers at the Bermondsey Project Space

During the well-attended opening of the exhibition, Minister of Culture John Cortes spoke of how Gibraltar’s identity was connected with its history.

“Seeing Gibraltarian art exhibited here in London, and surrounded by so many of our talented artists and their work was an incredible experience,” Cortes said.

“It is so important to extend our Art and our Culture outside our shores, to carry the essence of Gibraltar to other countries so that they can gain a better understanding of who we are. We have to do this.

“London is a first step in the journey of projecting our cultural renaissance abroad.”


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