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IN PICS: Spain’s Queen Letizia And King Felipe Paying Tribute To Elizabeth II In London  – Olive Press News Spain



in-pics:-spain’s-queen-letizia-and-king-felipe-paying-tribute-to-elizabeth-ii-in-london -–-olive-press-news-spain

THE Spanish royal family landed in London last Sunday, 19 to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London.

On the afternoon of Sunday 19, both of them decided to go to Westminster Palace to pay tribute to Elizabeth II.

Spain’s Queen Letizia and King Felipe paid tribute to Elizabeth II in London. Image Casa Real

Spanish Minister of foreign affairs, Jose Manuel Albares accompanied Queen Letizia and King Felipe.

The visit took less than a minute and instead of joining the long queue, they went to an area reserved for Prime Ministers and dignatories.

Witnesses noted that the couple was very serious and sad – King Felipe crossed himself.

Foto 1
The Spanish royal family landed in London last Sunday, 19 to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London. Image Familia Real.

Before arriving at Westminster Palace, Queen Letizia and King Felipe visited the Spanish consulate where they are going to be hosted during their visit to London.


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WATCH: Sweet Moment Queen Letizia Gives A Hug To A Pensioner In The Middle Of An Award Ceremony At Madrid's Circulo De Bellas Artes – Olive Press News Spain




PRINCESS Di may have been known as the Queen of hearts, but it turns out Letizia is the Queen of hugs.

Spain’s queen was the star attraction at a charity award ceremony  at Madrid’s Circulo de Bellas Artes when 91-year-old Maruja piped up: “Letizia would you mind giving me a hug?”

Quick as a flash Letizia gave a heart-warming smile and reached out with her arms to comply.

An awards presenter had gone to chat to Maruja as she had won an award last year, and Maruja took her chance on the microphone to make her cheeky request.

She is the director of the association Grandes Amigos which provides company to the elderly.

Speaking to the Spanish broadcaster RTVE, Maruja explained: “I have no words to explain how it was to hug Queen Letizia.”

“I had the Queen so close to me, she was so beautiful that I thought ‘I am going to ask her for a hug’, she added.

After the hug, Maruja asked the audience to applaud Queen Letizia –  which everyone did.

It is not the first time that Marujas has hugged a celebrity.

At another event she asked for a hug from the director of Banco Santander, Ana Botin.


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How Spanish Celebrity Tamara Falcó’s New Fiancé Got Caught Not Just Cheating But Also In A Lie – Olive Press News Spain




Businessman Íñigo Onieva was spotted in a video kissing another woman, prompting online detectives to investigate the circumstances  

Time Line:

1. Engaño a mi chica 22 días antes de pedirle matrimonio

2. Lo niego públicamente con ella al lado, con toda la soberbia y cara dura del mundo

3. Reconozco la infidelidad y pido que no se le haga más daño a Tamara Falcó

¡Sin vergüenza nivel: Iñigo Onieva!


— Blondie Barbie (@BlondieBarbie00) September 25, 2022

PRODUCERS of Spain’s many gossip TV shows and magazines must have been gleefully rubbing their hands this weekend, as one of the biggest celebrity scandals of recent times played out before their very eyes on social media. 

The main protagonist of this very public affair was Tamara Falcó, who is the Sixth Marchioness of Griñón, and thus an aristocrat, as well as a television personality – Netflix recently released a reality show based on her life titled “Lady Tamara”.

Just last week Falcó, 40, publicly announced that she was engaged to Íñigo Onieva, a designer and businessman with interests in nightlife ventures, and with whom she has been involved romantically for two years. The announcement was made on September 22 via Falcó’s Instagram account, via which she said that she was “the luckiest woman in the world” thanks to her relationship. 

But by the weekend that apparently idyllic picture was starting to fall apart. Just a day later, a video began to circulate on social media apparently showing Onieva kissing another woman at a music festival. The businessman was forced to make a statement in which he claimed the images were from 2019, “before we met each other”. “I am crazy in love with Tamara and we are going to get married no matter what anyone says,” he told reporters. 

By Saturday, however, Falcó had deleted the Instagram image that she had published to announce the engagement, and both online and TV detectives were poring over the brief image of Onieva kissing the woman to see if he was telling the truth. 

#NEW Congratulations to Tamara Falcó, VI Marchioness of Griñón and Iñigo Onieva who have announced their engagement! ?

I’ve really enjoyed her series “La Marquesa” (Lady Tamara in English) on Netflix and I can’t wait for their wedding on 17 June 2023!

— CoutureAndRoyals (@CoutureRoyals) September 23, 2022

Firstly they identified the woman he was kissing, who is a fashion model who lives in New York and who published a series of photos from her time at the Burning Man festival in the US state of Nevada, just a few weeks ago. In one of her videos, Onieva is present. 

What’s more, none of Onieva’s previous social media posts showed him wearing the same clothes as he had on in the incriminating video. And a Telecinco show, Ya es verano, even went so far as to identify the song playing in the background of the video – which wasn’t released until April of this year.

In the end Onieva was forced to confess and published an Instagram story on Sunday in which he lamented his “unacceptable attitude” and apologised to Falcó and her family (she is the daughter of now-deceased aristocrat Carlos Falco and Filipina socialite Isabel Preysler). 

He also called for the images to no longer be shared or broadcast, and that “no more information that is affecting our privacy be published”.

Given the interest the story has generated not just online but also in Spain’s gossip press, that request is likely to be easier said than done.


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‘Punk Rock Laureate’ Patti Smith Lined Up For Concerts In Spain’s Sevilla




Patti Smith TributeLEGENDARY American singer Patti Smith is lined up to star at Sevilla’s Iconica Fest. The singer, songwriter, poet, painter and author became an influential component of the New York City punk rock movement with her 1975 debut album Horses. Dubbed the ‘punk rock laureate’, the 75-year-old will take to the stage on Monday September 26. […]

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