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Police Seek Man Who Ran Over Own Mother-In-Law After Family Dispute In Valencia – Olive Press News Spain




SPAIN’S National Police were on Wednesday seeking a man accused of running over his own mother-in-law with a car in Valencia, after a family row between several relatives. 

The incident was caught on camera and soon went viral on social media, with some users jokingly describing the scene as “Grand Theft Auto: Valencia”, in reference to the hugely popular video game.

In the cellphone recording, a black vehicle is seen speeding around a roundabout while a number of people shout at the driver. The car then violently crashes into the victim, sending her flying with an almighty bang, before speeding off. 

The woman, whose name is Josefa, explained what had happened today on Antena 3 morning show Espejo Público. The disagreement occurred after the driver of the vehicle involved had a previous accident and wanted to blame it on the woman’s son given that the former has no driving licence. 

“He was trying to kill me,” she claimed. “He wanted my son to cop for the accident he had in the morning.” The man’s children were reportedly inside the car when the accident happened. 

According to her testimony, she was left with a dislocated hand, two cuts to her head and major bruising on her chest by the brutal impact. 

In the previous accident, according to Spanish daily El Mundo, the man supposedly ran over a 40-year-old woman at a crossing before fleeing the scene. She was taken by ambulance to a hospital for medical treatment, but was reportedly conscious on arrival. 



EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds Implicated After Police Seize ‘little Black Books’ Full Of Transactions By Mafia ‘financier’ Johnny ‘Cash’ Morrissey In Spain – Olive Press News Spain




WHEN police raided the home of feared Costa businessman Johnny ‘Cash’ Morrissey last week they hoped to find many incriminating items and the odd weapon.

But what they hadn’t bargained on was a series of little black books listing all the payments from his wife’s company Nero Vodka.

The ‘notepads’ carefully detailed all the businesses and gangs the bogus Marbella-based company had lent or laundered money through over the last two years.

Kept by the Morrisseys at their top floor rented home in Mijas, they are understood to list hundreds of cash payments to dozens of local businesses.

Eco Malaga Op. Whitewall 6

“They are now in Madrid and being carefully gone through by detectives dealing with organised crime,” a source told the Olive Press.

“It’s all being done in complete secret, but all those listed will be probed for money laundering and tax evasion. 

“There were so many payments that there was simply no way Johnny or his wife could keep tabs on all of them without writing them down.

“They noted the name of each client, the date the money was lent and the date it would be collected.

“This will spawn many other side probes and lead to many more arrests. They are going to regret not destroying those books.”

It was certainly a gift from the gods for the Guardia Civil probe into what they described as the ‘most important criminal organisation in Spain dedicated to money laundering’.

Police from five countries were involved in the dawn swoop on the Costa del Sol gangster, now accused of laundering €200 million over just 18 months, a remarkable €350,000 a day.

It came as the couple’s company Nero Vodka held a string of glitzy showbiz parties at numerous top venues on the coast.

Eco Malaga Op. Whitewall 7
Nero Vodka company was ‘a cover’ say police

Organised in conjunction with their friends, the owners of Euro Weekly News, they took place at leading five star hotels and restaurants.

As well as sponsoring concerts, they even backed the Marbella International Film festival in 2021 and, thanks to EWN owner Michel Euesden, they managed to get their vodka sold in leading shops, even including Corte Ingles.

Everything was colourfully reported in a string of gushing articles in the paper and online.

Nicolá Morrissey At Home
Nicola Morrissey

As Michel put it at the film festival: “The tagline of Nero is ‘undefeatable spirit.’  And this festival epitomises that spirit, the undefeatable spirit of Marbella.”

She later wrote in February this year that Nicola was a ‘dynamic business woman’. Under a photo of her beside her Rolls Royce, she insisted: “She is focused with a heart of gold, sharp witted and sharp eyed. And she has sacrificed like only a WINNER can. She is living the life she designed for HER. She is our hope for the future – we really can have it all if we want it enough.

“You are MAKING IT HAPPEN and your tribe love you for it.”

While Morrissey was last week remanded in custody at Marbella Court, his wife received bail, believed to be because of her 10-year-old son.

“In short the Morriseys bought the coast with the help of their friends,” explained a friend. “Money talks down here and they splashed it everywhere, but it ended up with them thinking they could get away with anything. No longer.”


The Morrisseys invested heavily in anywhere or anyone who would take their cash. 

They own at least 11 properties on the Costa del Sol, which were all raided last week by officers from the Guardia Civil’s crack GAR team. 

This includes two villas, both valued at between €3 and €5 million alone, while they own countless luxury cars and watches.

Eco Malaga Op. Whitewall 5
3 Million Euro villa is being converted into a Wellness Centre

According to an Olive Press source, police have also found various bank accounts in the British Virgin Islands and they are believed to have investments in Turkey and Dubai.

Locally, despite the links to the vodka company they are believed to have invested in a drying out clinic and they were set to open an upmarket wellness spa in Mijas next year.

The spa features large statues of centaurs, eagles and, of course, Roman figures such as Nero, one of Morrissey’s heroes.

They also purchased garages, including one full of cars, specially adapted for smuggling, was also impounded with its boss arrested.


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EXCLUSIVE: Shootings In Marbella Are Linked And Connected To Irish Mafia And Likely Johnny Morrissey, Claim Police Sources  – Olive Press News Spain



exclusive:-shootings-in-marbella-are-linked-and-connected-to-irish-mafia-and-likely-johnny-morrissey,-claim-police-sources -–-olive-press-news-spain

A PAIR of shootings in Marbella this week can be linked to the Irish mafia, the Olive Press can reveal.

The incidents on Tuesday and Wednesday left at least one man – an Irishman – seriously injured in hospital.

They come just a week after a senior member of Ireland’s most feared mafia gang, the Kinahans, had their chief Costa del Sol ‘enforcer’ arrested nearby.

Johnny ‘Cash’ Morrissey, 62, was picked up along with his wife Nicola at a rented apartment in Mijas last Monday, over the laundering of €200million in just 18 months.

Eco Malaga Op. Whitewall 6 2
Johny Morrissey was arrested in Mijas last Monday. Image The Olive Press.

The US Treasury had listed him as one of their most wanted in April, following the seizure of €500,000 in cash last year, along with 200 kilos of cocaine.

The shootings this week in Marbella’s Nueva Andalucia and next door San Pedro de Alcantara are believed to be warnings and ‘likely settling of scores’ for associates who might be preparing to give evidence to save themselves.

One man was shot at 5.45pm on Tuesday as he met an associate by a lake in the Aloha hills area, while the other shooting was just six hours later by the coast’s most famous Ferrari car dealership, C de Salamanca. 

The Olive Press revealed yesterday how police last week seized a series of notepads that listed hundreds of people who may have received or laundered money via the Morrisseys bogus company, Nero Vodka.

It has put the entire coast on edge with dozens of expats and business people fearing they could soon be implicated and arrested.

“Police have confirmed to us that the two shootings are linked” Alejandro Terroba, a spokesperson from the San Pedro car dealership C. de Salamanca said today.

He revealed that his exclusive garage, which sells Ferrarris, Bentleys and Jaguars, had a bullet land in the parking lot early on Wednesday morning.

Img 8379 2
C. de Salamanca in San Pedro de Alcantara. Image The Olive Press.

“The Spanish media is reporting that one of our cars was impacted by a bullet, the reality is that we actually found one on the floor of our parking lot,” he added.

“Luckily it didn’t hit any of our cars.”

Terroba confirmed that the shooting took place just in front of the car dealership, although police do not yet know who it was aimed at and how many bullets were fired.

Witnesses informed the emergency service that at least one shot was fired and several police units went to investigate the incident.

One Olive Press reader, who lives nearby, said he had been walking up the nearby Boulevard when he heard the shots and saw a car speeding off.

Police have told the Olive Press it is one of the worst summers in terms of security. As well as the two shootings in under 24 hours, there was a shooting of an Irish man on a dancefloor at Opium nightclub in July.

Policia Nacional confirmed to the Olive Press today that another 24-year-old Irish man was injured on Tuesday afternoon at 17.45 near the upmarket Aloha golf course.

“The Irishman who is still at the hospital is currently not collaborating with us,” claimed a spokesperson.

“He does not want to tell us who he met by the Lago de las Tortugas lake,” he added.

D30015e81429e407a9fa109594a41739 Generic
Lago de las Tortugas in Marbella. Image Ayuntamiento de Marbella.

National Police confirmed that he was definitely shot by someone he had previously agreed to meet.

“It’s being very difficult to investigate because he does not want to share information with us,” continued the spokesman.

Police have also not yet allowed the Costa del Sol Hospital to share information regarding him, although an Olive Press source said he was not seriously injured enough to need to go into Intensive Care.

“He got shot in the side by the stomach but he is not seriously injured so doctors decided that he did not need to be in the Intensive Care Unit,” confirmed the source.

“He is currently recovering from the injuries in a private wing,” she added.

The crack Udyco unit of the National Police is investigating both shootings.


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counterfet goods

Spanish Police Seize €300 Million Worth Of Fake Goods In Europe Record – Olive Press News Spain




Spanish authorities have made the largest recorded seizure of fake designer goods across Europe to date.

Seventeen people were arrested as police raided 14 bazaars, four stores and three homes in the Europol-backed operation.

About €70,000 euros in cash and three vehicles were also seized alongside the huge five tonne haul of counterfeit goods which amounted to more than €300 million.

The criminal organisation was based primarily on the islands of Tenerife and Fuerteventura and acquired the goods in the Cobo Calleja industrial estate in Madrid.

Spanish police said agents of the National Police, in a joint operation with Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency, launched the investigation after learning of several businesses on the island of Tenerife selling the counterfeit goods.

“The police operation, called Django, culminated in the dismantling of a criminal organization specializing in the large-scale distribution and marketing of counterfeit products of exclusive brands that operated on the islands of Tenerife and Fuerteventura,” police said. 

“The organsation acquired the counterfeit material mainly in the Cobo Calleja industrial estate in Madrid, and marketed its products especially in tourist areas, to take advantage of the presence of a large population with short periods of residence in the country.”

Spanish Police 2
Seventeen people were arrested as police raided 14 bazaars.

The operation was launched in September last year by the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit of the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police of the Provincial Police Station of the National Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

“This unit was aware of the existence of a wholesale point of sale for counterfeit leather goods in the south of Tenerife,” the police said. 

“Surveillance and follow-up work led to location of the person in charge, and observed how he sold these products to various individuals, both for street vending and for sale in bazaars.

“After that, steps were taken with parcel companies to determine that the shipments came from Fuerteventura, and involves several citizens of Chinese origin who would make up the leadership of the organisation.”

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