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Ryanair Asks Tourists To Pay An Extra €45 To Take Their Ensaimadas To The Plane In Mallorca – Olive Press News Spain




RYANAIR told two tourists they needed to pay €45 for taking a box of Mallorca’s famous ensaimada inside the plane at Palma Airport. 

The airline told both passengers that the box containing the traditional sweet is considered to be an extra piece of baggage. 

However, they were told by airline workers that they could bring the exact same product inside the plane if bought at the airport.

But it has been reported that ensaimadas at the airport are much more expensive and of worse quality than the ones made in the city. 

“I think it is abusive, they are going to put an end to the local bakery business in Mallorca,” a friend of the affected said. 

State-owned airport operator Aena has reminded that ‘it is the policy of each airline to classify them as extra baggage or not.’ 

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