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Travel Against Putin: Germany Encourages Pensioners To Holiday In Spain To Save On Household Fuel Bills – Olive Press News Spain




A GERMAN travel association has come up with a wheeze to reduce its country’s reliance on Russian gas – give pensioners cash for an extended stay in Mallorca.

“If Germany paid a subsidy of €500 for these trips many citizens would extend their holidays in Mallorca and could reduce the consumption of local heating” claimed the president of the association Marina Linnhoff.

“Travelling against Putin is better than freezing because of him,” she added.

Palma De Mallorca Themenfoto: Corona, Urlaub, Reisen, Spanien, Mallorca, Palma, 03.06.2021 Die Berühmte Kathedrale In P
Palma de Mallorca in Spain. Image from Cordon Press.

The association claims it is a way to reduce energy consumption during winter, a time when gas may be scarce as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Winter is very cold in Germany, the average temperature can be around 2°C or 3°C, while in Mallorca in the same period it is around 12°C.

But the cost of the proposal – estimated by the minister of tourism at €10 billion – may put the German government off the idea.



Wife Goes Berserk In Violent Attack On Drunk Husband For Refusing To Drive Car In Spain's Mallorca – Olive Press News Spain




A Mallorca woman lashed out at her husband on Tuesday morning for refusing to drive home because he had too much to drink.

The man would not break the law and ordered a taxi, much to the displeasure of his wife.

Once in the Palma cab, the 35-year-old Spanish woman launched into a non-stop assault of her partner, much to the astonishment of the taxi driver.

The quick-witted cabby drove to a Policia Nacional base at around 6.50 am and called for help from a parked patrol car.

Despite the change of route, the violence continued unabated as officers witnessed what was happening.

The woman was dragged out of the car and arrested.

The victim, at first glance, had bruises and scratches all over his face and neck.

He refused to press charges against his partner, but she was still carted off to the police station cells.

Her husband was treated by paramedics.

The taxi driver told police that at no time did the man defend himself or even strike his wife.


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Man Killed In Cliff Jump On Mallorca Named As Dutch Footballer Mourad Lambarette – Olive Press News Spain




THE tourist who plummeted to his death from a cliff in Mallorca last week has been identified as famous Dutch football player Mourad Lambarette from Arnhem.

The ex-football player for Vitesse, a team in the Netherlands, died when he jumped from a 22-meter cliff into the sea in the  Islas Malgrats de Santa Ponca last Thursday, May 12 at 1.45pm.

The 31-year-old who was on holiday with his partner and son in Calvia misjudged the leap and crashed into rocks below before rolling into the sea.

His partner who was on a boat off shore filmed his leap on her mobile phone and was broadcasting live on social media when it went tragically wrong,

She could be heard screaming “Oh my God” at the moment of impact.

Divers from the Guardia Civil retrieved the body some 15 metres from the shore after a search with a boat and helicopter. A post mortem revealed that as well as suffering injuries like a broken arm and hip, the loss of consciousness caused him to drown.

“Vitesse has received the sad news that Mourad Lamrabatte has tragically died,” the Eredivisie side said in a statement on Twitter.

Vitesse heeft het droevige bericht ontvangen dat Mourad Lamrabatte is overleden. De voormalig aanvaller van Jong Vitesse is slechts 31 jaar geworden.

We wensen familie en vrienden veel sterkte en kracht toe ? #Vitesse

— Vitesse (@MijnVitesse) May 13, 2022

“We wish all his family members a lot of strength in this sad time,” they added.

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Balearic Islands

British Boy, 16, Quizzed Over Alleged Rape Of British Girl Staying In Same Mallorca Hotel In Spain – Olive Press News Spain




A British teenager, 16, has been arrested for allegedly raping a British girl of the same age at a Sa Coma hotel in Mallorca.

The girl’s mother burst into a hotel room to witness the aggressor abusing her daughter and screamed for help.

The Guardia Civil detained the youth on Monday after being called by hotel staff.

The boy maintains that his sexually encounter with the girl was consensual.

The female teenager had been staying for a few days at the hotel with her parents and sister.

The two girls met the boy on Monday afternoon and hung out with him in his room.

One of the sisters left the room while the 16-year-old kissed the boy.

The girl told the Guardia that she did not want to go any further but the boy would have none of it.

He’s accused of violently throwing her onto his bed and then raping her.

The boy is being held at the Guardia barracks in Monacor as investigations continue.


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