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Why You Should Never Buy Pre Cut Fruit And Veg At Supermarkets In Spain – Olive Press News Spain




IT is certainly more convenient and saves you having to pick up a knife and slice it yourself but Spain’s food safety agency is warning people against buying pre cut fruit and veg.

Go to any supermarket, mercado or green grocer and will you have the options of buying pre sliced fruit.

Cut fruit
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Of course it is tempting to purchase a pre prepared pineapple – who wants to wrestle with that spikey touch exterior? And who doesn’t prefer buying a half or quarter of a watermelon to save lugging a whole one home?

However, not only are you paying a higher price at the checkout – pre-cut fruit and veg comes with a significant mark up – but you could also be risking your health.

According to Spain’s Food Safety Agency (AESAN) certain fruit is much more likely to be contaminated if you buy it pre-cut. They have issued a warning about buying pre cut and packaged fruit with high water content such as watermelon, melon, pineapple and papaya.

?Nuevo informe del Comité Científico de la AESAN sobre conservación de FRUTAS CORTADAS por la mitad en establecimientos minoristas.

?? El almacenamiento a temperatura ambiente de melón, sandía, papaya y piña cortadas puede suponer un riesgo sanitario.


— AESAN (@AESAN_gob_es) March 28, 2022

The outer skin acts as a natural protector that will keep the flesh within fresher and more likely to be free of bacteria. PLus you can wash it before you start slicing and dicing to wash away any lingering bacteria before it reaches the flesh of the fruit within.

Not so if you buy pre-cut fruit, which has a far higher chance of carrying salmonella especially when kept in warm temperatures..

Although it is entirely legal to sell precut fruit and veg in Spain, there are strict rules that must be applied. The fruit must be kept in temperature below 25ºC and in a ventilated space that is not exposed to direct sunlight. 

The agency also says such fruit should be consumed within three hours of being opened.



Inflation Rate Busts 10% Mark In Spain For First Time Since 1980s – Olive Press News Spain




INFLATION in Spain has broken the 10% barrier for the first time since April 1985, according to figures published on Wednesday by the National Institute of Statistics(INE).

The Consumer Price Index(CPI) stands at 10.2%- a 1.8% hike on May’s figures.

It’s the highest monthly spike in inflation since 1.8% was achieved in January 1985.

The rise is down to increases in fuel prices coupled with food and non-alcoholic beverages.

The INE adds that price rises at cafes, restaurants, and hotels have also contributed to the June figure.

The government and economists did not expect the CPI rate to rise so sharply, especially as a new maximum price of gas for electricity generation came into force on June 15.

Core inflation, which excludes the most volatile prices of unprocessed food and energy, has shot up by 0.6% on May’s figure to 5.5%.

That’s the highest core rate since August 1993.


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